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About us

Who is I am Kratom?

I am Kratom is a midwest-based online supermarket of highly-rated consumer kratom brands. I am Kratom has been a consumer-centered project with the goal to build a market based primarily on verified consumer feedback. For 2 years, we have surveyed smoke shops, online vendors, consumers, and manufacturers across the United States to find brands in their prime. This site is the start of us sharing those findings.

In 2016, the kratom industry and its partners faced the threat of a Federal Ban on the super substance. Users of the product protested the ban with fervor, and the fight was publicized under the hashtag #iamkratom. The meaning of the phrase “I am Kratom” is different for everyone, but for us, it’s simple:

We take kratom, too. Just like you. Let’s show you the brands that work best for us and our friends.